About Us

My name is Devyani , a self taught macramé artist living in Bangalore and started Chordsandknots out of mere love for this art. I never intended to start this as a business at the start and nothing was planned that way, but its only the love for this art that led me to start this as a small business.
It was when I was browsing and looking to buy some plant hangers for my home and some beautiful macramé shelfs ,I thought it would be so much fun to make one, but I honestly didn’t think I could do it as it seemed complex and tedious at that point. I actually taught myself the basic Macramé knots and the first thing I made was a plant hanger! I had so much fun making it and decided to purchase some more quality threads and made my first macramé shelf! And then it was everyday looking at patterns, designs, knots, creating new products for friends and family.
Now I decided to share my love for Macramé with all by creating something for you and your home.
Every macrame product here is hand made by me with love and positivity in hopes to bring these vibes to your home. 
To see all my work in progress follow on Instagram @chordsandknots